‘Life as unexpected joy’, Pavel Rudnev (Chastny Correspondent)

‘Uncle Vanya’ just staged at the Vakhtangov theatre is nearly ideal; there is a feeling that this show will remain the first and the main event of the theatre season — so good it is. It is impossible to go against the big and creative victory. With such a level of artistic leadership, the Vakhtangov theatre, after many years of slack, is becoming one of the most important spots on Moscow treater map.
‘Uncle Vanya’ is a performance which is free of artistic compromises, in contrary, it is a result of the toilsome theatre labour. All best features came together. Each component has its full value and provides for the harmony of the show.
Tuminas stages a hard performance with concepts, strange perversions, illogical behaviour of heroes, and absurd allegories, in accordance with the spirit of the Lithuanian theatre directorship. But at the same time, ‘Uncle Vanya’ is the actor’s theatre driven by the actor’s idea and dependent on the actor’s temperament.
There is a feeling of both the directorship dictate and the ensemble of actors presenting marvelous master pieces, possible the most rare feature of the modern theatre.

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