‘He is not Nekrosius, he is a different one’, Marina Davydova (Izvestiya)

Among the two directors from Lithuania, Rimas Tuminas is not the most metaphorical. His means include irony, grotesque, eccentricity. Irony conjugated with compassion is the touchstone of his style. The irony which does not cancel but highlights the compassion to Chekhov’s heroes, is the milestone of the unique style of Rimas Tuminas. In ‘Uncle Vanya’, the Vakhtangov theatre actors are submerged into the atmosphere of the scenic burlesque, he sprinkled the magic water of life onto their sharp and passionate play-acting talents that we just about to begin fading. The stunning grotesque of Tuminas performances is in fact much warmer than the cold academism, which is mistakenly called some times as the respect to old traditions.

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