‘Vanya sans samovar’ by Kate Mason (onestoparts.com)

‘Uncle Vanya’ staged by Rimas Tuminas is daring and provocative; it offers an unusual view on the family drama written by Anton Chekhov. This ‘Uncle Vanya’ does not simply makes you feel a compassion, it strikes you with its ascetism, and sometimes makes you wonder why you don’t understand it. Nevertheless, this poetic theatre creation worth all possible awards. This ‚Uncle Vanya‘ is not the cosy sort of Chekhov that made his plays British favourites, with their tea, petty conversation and the suffocating ennui of the rural bourgeoisie. In director Rimas Tuminas‘ production, there is no samovar and not a lace doily in sight. But the show is full of touching humor presented in a keen and delicate way.

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